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Babel Power Wash is in North Raleigh, and serves the surrounding areas.  We will help clean off the grime, mold, mildew, pollen, and other contaminates that build up over time on your siding, decks, and siding, making your property feel new again.



Our Services


House washing

We use a soft wash process to gently remove the build-up on your house, or other buildings on your property.  The soft wash process uses low pressure water in combination with appropriate chemicals to kill off biologicals and lift and remove other dirt and grime that builds up on the siding.  Traditional high pressure cleaning leaves damaged siding and does not kill mold, mildew, and other biologicals, allowing them to grow back more quickly.


Deck & fence cleaning

In addition to the contaminates that build up over time, wood is particularly sensitive to UV damage over time.  The most important protection is to put a sealant on the wood, and to do that you need to start from a clean surface.  We will clean the deck with appropriate chemicals that are gentle to wood fibers and then apply a treatment that will neutralize the cleaners and open the pores of the wood to better absorb your sealer.  It will be all ready for sanding and sealing when we're done.

driveway cleaning

Cars track in all kinds of dirt and tire marks that can leave a driveway looking less than ideal.  Generally, driveways are cleaned with high pressure scrubbing from our pressure washers, getting rid of the dirt on your driveway, making it look the way it should.  Driveways come with all kinds of surfaces, and we will make sure to discuss with you the best approach to cleaning the driveway without damage, so that it will continue to last for years to come.

gutter brightening

Gutters often get dirt and black streaks on them, largely from the tar that comes off asphalt shingles.  We will go through with specially formulated chemicals to lift off the tar and get rid of those unsightly streaks.


Rust spot removal

If you see red stains on your siding or concrete, that's rust build-up, often caused by irrigation systems.  We'll treat the rust with a formula designed to bond to and lift off the rust and reveal the original surface underneath.





We provide free estimates for all our work, and clearly outline the scope of work and cost as part of the process.  All work is invoiced so you have a record of what's been done.  Send us a message and we'll get back with you to schedule your estimate and get you back to a shiny, clean home.

Alternately, give us a call at 984-999-0411.

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